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Supergravity theories and supersymmetric spacetimes


The aim of this project is to apply in the university of Valencia (my institution of origin) the skills aquired in the Department of Applied Math- ematics and Theoretical Physics during the time I was a HCM Fellow. This will be done with the members of the Department of Theoretical Physics in Valencia, but the colaboration with some members of DAMTP will also continue.
These skills consist of some knowledge of supergravity theories (at the classical level) and their different formulations; the relation between extended supergravity and Bogomolnyi bounds for the ADM energy; the concept of Killing spinors of a spacetime, and the concept of black hole, specially in 2 + 1 dimentional spacetimes.
Consequently, the research will be focused in the following main directions :
- The study of the interplay of quantum theory, supergravity and positive energy theorems in low dimensions.
- Positive energy theorems in four dimensions and their associated solitons.
- A deep study of the coupling of matter to the different
three-dimensional anti-de Sitter theories.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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