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Automated design of robust digital controllers


Certain processes in today's industrial applications require more sophisticated control techniques than traditional analogue controllers can provide. Additionally parameter uncertainties of the processes are to be respected.
Robust digital controllers are able to comply with these demands. Yet, current design procedures are time-intensive and unsuitable for application in industry.
The purpose of the project is to provide a more user-friendly design procedure for robust digital controllers in order to render their outstanding features more accessible for industrial applications. The theoretical aspect of the project consists of the optimisation of t different design steps (from identification to real-time control) of robust digital controllers. A qualified state-of-the-art analysis including several international benchmark competitions and real-time experiments yield useful information for significant improvement of the controller synthesis steps. Based on these results more efficient algorithms are to be developed.
The practical part of the project includes the implementation of the algorithms in a software programme and their validation in experiments in order to prepare their introduction in industry.

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