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Dynamics of sigma - model solitons in - 2+1 - dimensions


The CP(1) model in (2+1) dimensions admits localised finite - energy solutions (solitons), but these are unstable in that their size can change. Two ways of modifying the model in order to achieve stability are: (i) adding skyrme and potential terms ( the solitons may then be called skyrmions); (ii) adding a torsion term which makes the field equation completely - integrable (one then gets solitons in the strict sense of the word).
The project aims at elucidating the dynamics of these solitons by using both analytic and numerical techniques. Two particular topics are: (A) an investigation of conservation laws and the inverse scattering transform in the integrable case; (B) an investigation of lattice versions of the skyrme - type model in which topological stability of the skyrmions is maintained.

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