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Characterization of the cytokine network accompanying tumor development and its influence on nitrogen metabolism in the tumor bearing mice


The Project is involved in the characterisation of the cytokine network accompanying tumor development, and its influence on the nitrogen metabolism of the tumor-host system. Ehrlich ascites tumor cells will be used as a tumor model growing in the peritoneal cavity of mice and in 'in vitro' cultures.
Glutamine and the main enzyme involved in its degradation, glutaminase, will be the target of the studies relating nitrogen metabolism. Cytokine production will be measured using the technique of intracellular staining and further evaluation by FACS and fluorescence microscopy. T cells and antigen presenting cells will be analyse for cytokine production as well as the tumor cells.
Monoclonals antibodies against tumor glutaminase are pretended to be obtained and used to stain glutaminase intracellularly and correlate its expression with cytokine production. IL-1, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IFN-g and TNF-beta will be the main cytokines involved in the study.

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