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Quantum chaos in low dimensional systems - 2 and higher dimensional cat maps


This proposal concerns the quantization of cat maps, a family of completely chaotic dynamical systems. The most important applications are to atomic and molecular physics/chemistry and to disordered mesoscopic systems. This topic is related to current European Community research programmes concerning nonlinear phenomena and complex systems. The aim of the project is to develop the investigations of these systems in two directions. The first one is to try to prove an analogue of the Sarnak conjecture for cat maps. This essentially means to verify that the maximum value taken by quantum eigenfunctions is O(h -E) as h to 0 for any positive E.
The second direction will be to quantize linear maps on 2n-dimensional tori with n > I and to study the semiclassical properties of their Anosov perturbations. The study of higher-order systems is only now being contemplated, and the cat maps and their perturbations provide the simplest models to work with.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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