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Magnetic correlations and high-temperature superconductivity - field- theoretical and computational investigation of normal-state and superconducting properties of cuprate compunds


In this project, we will carry out a theoretical investigation of normal-state (in particular magnetic) properties of the high-temperature superconducting cuprate materials. A number of experimental results have indeed shown that the normal state of these compounds presents several anomalous and appealing properties that cannot be interpreted in terms of a conventional theory of conducting electrons. On the other hand, a thorough understanding of the normal state is a necessary prerequisite before a consistent theroy for the superconducting mechanism can be addressed.
To this end, we shall combine advanced numerical methods (in particular Quantum Monte Carlo in which the host institution is particularly qualified) and field-theoretical techniques (slave-bosons, which the candidate has recently improved). In particular, We are interested in the intermidiate-doping region which is characterized by short-range two-dimensional antiferromagnetic correlations that survive beyond the antiferromagnetic transition. The possible connection between superconductivity and magnetic fluctuation will be addressed.

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