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Motion perception and the transformational basis of shape recognition - psychophysical investigations with human subjects


My doctored studies involved investigation in human subjects by means o positron emission tomography, of the neural systems underlying high-level motion perception. This work suggested that there must be basic psychophysical regularities, sustained by common neural systems, in various object and self motion perceptual phenomena. The psychophysical experiments to be carried out, during my post-doctroral fellowship, will aim to characterise such internalized constraints that govern the perception of relative motions or spatial transformations between objects, and between objects and ourselves. The proposed experiments will, therefore, explore the recognition of objects defined by dynamic information, for example objects undergoing non-rigid transformations such as the articulation of the joints involved in object motion. The results will provide important information about the human representational capacities with direct relevance to the neural systems that underlie such capacities and application in artificial intelligence and space aviation.

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