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Combined electromagnetic - circuit analysis of electrical machines


The aim of this return grant will be to investigate some procedures for machines transient analysis by using the Finite-Element Method (FEM) coupled with circuit equations in two dimensions.
It includes two cases: -The first one allows the determination of the machines parameters by means of Finite - Elements simulations in quasi -static -The second consists in time - stepped simulations of transients the symmetrical and asymmetrical short - circuits and the out of phase synchronisation of the synchronous machines, for instance These simulations allow the determination of the winding currents and the rotor torque. Numerical results will be compared with those obtained by experiments. The innovative aspects of the research are: 1) the direct solution of the Maxwell field equations without using potentials as it is done up to now and 2) the use of new approximation vector functions in the Finite Element Method replacing the common scalar ones, which used up to now

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

54006 Thessaloniki

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