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New silicon neutron detector


Europe has a clear world lead m neutron scattering, one of the key microscopic probes of condensed matter. It is important that acces to large scale neutron facilities within Europe is maximised by improving both the quality and quantity of their instrumentation. The objects of this proposal are to:
. train a young scientist in the techniques of neutron instrumentation . improve neutron detector technology . improve the instrumentation of European neutron facilities
It will achieve these objectives by using the expertise that Dr. Schooneveld has developed in Si detector technology and applying it to the development of new neutron detectors.
The availability of large-area low-cost semiconductor Si devices offers new opportunities for innovative designs that will be both effective and buildable at low cost. Such an innovation would enable very significant improvements to be made to European neutron instrumentation.


CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)
OX11 0QX Didcot
United Kingdom

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