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Direct simulation studies of flame stabilization processes - ii


The project is part of a large scale research program initiated to stud combustion problems using direct numerical simulation (DNS).
The present project will focus on the flame stabilization problem. This question IS of fundamental interest and it is also of technical importance in the design of gaseous. Liquid fuel (turbo-jet engines) or solid fuel (pulverized coal) combustion.
We propose to study a simplified flow pattern (triple layer: 3 coflowin streams of fuel. oxidizer and hot combustion products) representative of the typical flow structure prevailing in the stabilisation regions of many combustion devices used in industrial applications (continuous burners for boilers and furnaces).
Our objective is to identify the parameters governing the flame ignitio and stabilization. DNS offers very detailed description of the flame zone and is therefore a perfectly-well suited tool to investigate flame characteristics. It is planned to derive a simplified model based on DNS analysis and basic physical considerations. At last, we are interested in transferring our results to our industrial partners (implementation of the model into an engineering combustion code).

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École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures
Grande Voie Des Vignes
92290 Châtenay-malabry

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