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Preparation and characterization of multiply branched glucose oligosaccharides for structural investigations of amylopectin and glycogen


The aim is to develop a protocol which will provide information on the distribution of branched glucose residues in amylopectin and glycogen. The physical and technological properties of modified starches, e.g. from mutant pea varieties, are being actively studied. Although differences in amylopectin chain profiles have been determined, little is known about variations in branch point distributions and their relationship to functional properties. Progress towards tailoring amylopectin structures through plant genetic engineering emphasizes the need for new methods of structural analysis. This project will exploit particularly the modern techniques of high performance anion exchange chromatography and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy to characterize the mixtures of oligosaccharides produced by alpha-amylase degradation of the polysaccharides. Clustering of branch points in the polysaccharide results in production of multiply branched alpha- dextrins in which the arrangement of closely spaced branch points is preserved. Modifications of polysaccharide structure will be evident from the profiles of degradation products obtained.

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Institute of Food Research

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