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Novel aspects of intramolecular free radical ipso substitution


The objectives of the present programme are related to the discovery an application of novel free radical chain reactions for organic synthesis. Within the last decade, the advantages of such a strategy, which include mild neutral conditions and the ability to operate in hindered environments, have come to be appreciated. The group of Professor Motherwell has developped several such reactions in recent years (l).
Within this framework, the present programme calls for a detailed study of intramolecular free radical ipso substitution reactions as a novel route to biaryls, heterobiaryls and styrene type units. These are often encountered in a wide variety of bioactive natural products of differing stucture and biosynthetic origin. The reactions developped will be used in natural product synthesis. The basic idea can be encapsulated in scheme 1 below.
Scheme 1 :
(1) Motherwell, W.B. Aldrichimica Acta 1992, 25(3), 71-80 and references 1-5 cited.


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