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Synthesis of the c1 - c28 fragment of spongistatin


Spongistatin 1, 1, is a member of a new class of naturally occuring marine metabolites who have potent potent antitumor activity. Spongistatine 1 is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth known and is active against a set of tumors including human melanoma, brain, lung, ovarian and colon cancer.
As the low ability of this compound 1 from its natural source is an obstacle for in vivo screening, a total synthesis of this natural product has been planned. This synthesis would also be used for the preparation of structurally close analogues which would in elucidate the
structure/activity relationships of this class of Compounds. The structure of spongistatin 1 is based upon structurally unique macrocyclic lacton containing two spiroketals, two C-glycosides, twenty-four stereogenic centres and a diverse array of functionality. It can devide into two halves: Synthesis of Cl-C28 fragment (2) is the objective of this project Synthesis of C29-C51, fragment will be prepared in the laboratory of Prof. S.M. Roberts at the University of Exeter.


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