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Primary structure formation during the synthesis of molecular sieves


The hydrothermal synthesis of molecular sieves will be studied systematically with special regard to the mechanism of the initial structure formation. The pore forming processes leading to similar or different structures will be compared for silicate based materials (zeolites) and aluminiumphosphate based materials (AlPO's). Crucial parameters for the structure formation can hereby identified by a systematic investigation of the synthesis field and the crystallization kinetics. The intermediate products will be investigated by adequate experimental techniques in order to obtain as much direct information about their short range and long range order as possible. These data will be supplemented by the application of molecular modeling tools and advanced theoretical methods such as the Sensitivity Analysis.
The ultimate objective of the project is to get better control on the primary steps of the formation of molecular sieves and thereby on the structural and chemical properties of the products.

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Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
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06108 Halle

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