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The effect of high magnetic fields on the electronic behaviour of low dimensional devices


Electrical and thermal transport properties of semiconductor low dimensional struc- tures based on III-V compounds will be studied. The project focuses on the theoretical study of these materials in the situation of high magnetic fields and large electron con- centrations. The magnetoresistivity, magnetothermopower and thermal conductivity will be determined.
Using analytical approaches and numerical techniques theoretical models will be con- structed to describe the transport of charge carriers through nanostructures at high mag- netic fields. Many body effects like screening will be addressed as well as parallel conduc- tion and real-space charge transfer.
The emphasis will be on the two-dimensional electron gas in high density GaAs/AlGaAS heterostructures, d-layers and quantum wells.
This project will be carried out in close collaboration with experimentalists from differ- ent laboratories such as of the University of Crete (Greece), University of Athens (Greece) and KUL (Leuven, Belgium).


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
15771 Athens

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