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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Investigation op p-type two_dimensional semiconductor structures for complementary fet applications


This proposal concerns a request for funding of a Ph.D research programme on the subject of hole transport in heavily doped p-type quantumwell structures. The main objective is to determine whether it is possible to produce high carrier density p-type samples with enhanced mobility compared to bulk material of the same density. To achieve this, we propose to investigate the relationship between hole mobility and dopant distribution, the influence of a particular choice of crystallographic orientation and/or direction of motion, effects of strain and possibilities of 'wavefunction engineering'. The latter promises to improve mobility by reducing both the hole effective mass as well as reducing scattering. This Ph.D will be a continuation of my previous work performed at the IRC for Semiconductor Materials and will benefit from a then written computer program capable of doing self-consistent valence band calculations using a four band model.

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