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Genetic control of the establishment of axonal pathways in drosophila


The peripheral nervous system of Drosophila provides a simple model system for the study of neural development. We will use this system to dissect the genetic program that underlies the establishment of specific axonal pathways. We will concentrate on the projection of leg chordotonal organs, which are internal proprioceptive organs, and see how it responds to the ectopic expression of two genes that direct the formation of other types of sense organs, namely cut and poxn which specify respectively the mono-and poly-innervated external sense organs. We will then use this system to assess what extend different elements of the projections can be independently affected and to identify which of the target genes of cut and poxn are responsible for the neuronal transformations.

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Université des Sciences et Techniquesdu Languedoc - Montpellier 2
Place eugène bataillon
34095 Montpellier

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