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Development of gene therapy strategies for parkinson's disease


The purpose of this project is to discover the effects of computer-based information on the content of work in the manufacturing sector. The scope and depth of these effects will be identified within a theoretical framework describing the individual shop-floor worker and his tasks From this, a model depicting the cause and effect relationships will be derived and tested in manufacturing practice through in-depth case study research in the automobile industry The changes in the content of work on the shop floor due to the introduction of computer-based information systems will be identified and understood. Furthermore, the project will study how computer-based information can improve workers' effectiveness and enhance their understanding of the production process. In this way, the value of computer-based information in improving productivity and in creating a well-integrated production system will be demonstrated. In cases where these positive effects are not realized, the possible factors impeding this realization will be traced and ways to overcome them will be recommended.

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