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Integration of clp and csp approaches to over constrained systems


Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) and Constraint Satisfaction techniques (CSP) have many practical applications, but are not easy to apply to over-constrained systems.
Aims and Objectives:
To develop a common framework for CLP and CSP approaches to
over-constrained systems, thus finding a middle course between computational expense and continuous human intervention.
To achieve this by linking two particular schemes, HCLP (a CLP theory) and PCSP (an instance of CSP). which embody different theories of preferential information.
To develop a single compositional declarative semantics for both HCLP and PCSP.
To develop an operational semantics for PCSP which can be compared with my previously-developed operational semantics for HCLP, and prove its soundness with respect to the declarative semantics.
To construct a prototype tool combining both CSP and CLP approaches to over-constrained systems which would have many applications (e.g. protein sequence mapping).

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame dela Paix de Namur
21,Rue Grandgagnage
5000 Namur

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