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Molecular modelling of starch granule ultrastrucure to improve our understanding reactive sites and succeptibility to chemical and enzymatic attack


Starch is a complex polysaccharide, which is very prevalent in nature a has many uses in food and non-food industries. Due to the magnitude of the availability and utilisation of starch, I wish to carry out a modelling study of the ultra-structure of a starch granule.
It is the aim of this project to create a three-dimensional model of a starch granule, by computer simulation. A new molecular modelling program, capable of dealing with thousands of monosaccharide units, has been developed, at Nantes.
The use of starch in industry can have a positive environmental impact, thus it is important to rationalise its behaviour. By studying the surface of the starch granule, sites of reactivity or susceptibility will be located, to aid our understanding of the granular unit. Inclusion of a solvent environment or enzymes, in the computer generated model of starchs will allow observation of starch granular degradation.

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Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Rue de la géraudière
44026 Nantes

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