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Hypermedia for learning in the experimental sciences - potential uses and their merits


Our aim is to design and evaluate learning situations offering a balanced articulation between specific aspects of experimental sciences, knowledge usually transferred by teachers in the classroom, and the flow of information provided by the media. The question arises how new technology, such as hypermedia, influence the mobilisation of learners' knowledge and the transfer to future problem solving situations. We will address this question through empirical study in the domain of modelling in physics. Analysing and comparing data obtained in essentially different learning situations will increase our scientific knowledge about learning with new technologies in complex situations and complex domains. Understanding how people use new technology and identifying the characteristics of situations in which learning takes place is crucial in today's information society. On more practical grounds, the learning situations developed in the context of the project will be used in the development and innovation of educational programmes.


Université Lumière Lyon 2
86,Rue Pasteur 86
69000 Lyon

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