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Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in electronic oscillators


Over the past decade, there have been dramatic advances in nonlinear circuit theory as the tools and techniques of nonlinear dynamics have filtered into the field from the mathematics literature, yielding better analytical and numerical tools for nonlinear circuits.
The field of nonlinear circuit theory is now sufficiently mature to return to some classical problems in electronic circuit design and to study them anew from the perspective of nonlinear dynamics, with a view to developing rigorous synthesis techniques. The aim of this basic research project is to take a fresh look at the theoretical foundations of electronic oscillator design.
Oscillator design methods currently employed in the electronics industry for producing nearly-sinusoidal waveforms are based primarily on linear analysis techniques. The objective of this work is to develop nonlinear dynamics-based design methodologies for single-transistor RF oscillators for applications where it is essential to be able to predict qualitatively the large-signal performance of a circuit.

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