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Enantioselective synthesis of protein kinase c modulators by combination of regioselective organometalic functionalisation of indoles and an enzymatic transformation


The key feature of this proposal is that a combination of a regioselective organometallic transformation with an enantioselective enzymatic transformation will be investigated as a new methodology for the synthesis of clavicipitic acid and indolactam V, and other related products in an efficient and selective manner. These modulators of signal transduction are of great importance for pharmaceutical research. Understanding the mechanisms of signal transduction in cells is an important and relevant subject to study malfunctions in the development of cancer and other related illnesses. Synthesis of modulators of PKC provide an important entry to such studies. In this way PKC assays will be carried out to study our own compounds as possible modulators of the enzyme. Further biological studies will be proposed in the light of the results of the previous assays. Combination of our chemical techniques with other biological, will afford a good entry for research in Bioorganic Chemistry.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Universität Karlsruhe (Technische Hochschule)
76128 Karlsruhe

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