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Photoinduced molecular switching and controlled electron transfer


The achievement of Molecular Switching and Charge Separation is one of main challenges of Molecular Electronics. One promising approach to face both problems at the same time seems to be the synthesis of new binuclear mixed valence complexes using TICT molecules as bridging ligands ( TICT : Twisted Internal Charge Transfer ).
The first goal of the present project will be the preparation of TICT bridging ligands, suitable for metal complexation, followed by their characterization and extended photochemical and theoretical study. Then will follow the preparation and the characterization of their binuclear complexes. Finally the study of theses complexes for metal-to-metal charge transfer through the bridging ligand, and also for charge separation after photochemical excitation will be performed using fluorescence and laser flash photolysis techniques.
In case of success, this would represent a step towards future molecula devices and materials for optical signal treatment.

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

54006 Thessaloniki

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