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Synthesis of chiral and helical receptor molecules


'Synthesis of Chiral and Helical Receptor Molecules'
Synthetic macrocyclic compounds have recently attracted much attention due to their ability to act as host or receptor molecules for ions or uncharged organic molecules. The main emphasis in this research project will be the introduction of chirality into different receptor molecules, that are built up using chiral bis- aldehydes (which have to be prepared) using new synthetic routes developed by Rissanen's group. The precursors for the bis-aldehydes can also be employed in the syntheses of new piperazine macrocycles. In favourable cases such host-complexes could show chiral recognition .
After preparation the structural evaluation of the intermediates and final suprastructures will be perfomed using all techniques available (single crystal X-ray-diffraction, NMR-spectroscopy, mass-spectrometry, elemental analysis, etc.) Due to the nature of the supramolecular assemblies and host-guest complexes special emphasis will be given to the structure determination in solid state by X-ray-diffraction to study the abilities to complex selected guest-molecules like small chiral molecules, cations or anions.

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University of Jyväskylä
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