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Mass limits on the electron anti neutrino from the cryogenic study of the re 187 beta decay


The principal objective of this research project is to determine upper limits on the mass of the electron anti-neutrino particle using a unique cryogenic technique to measure the nuclear beta-decay of Re-187. Indeed, with the mass of the anti-neutrino being theoretically postulated in some models to be in the eV mass range, there lies the possibility of a direct measurement of the property of mass, and the potential consequences in fundamental particle physics and cosmological Dark Matter are extensive. A novel calorimetric measurement of the Re-187 beta-decay will be performed by coupling a sensitive Germanium thermistor to a superconducting rhenium crystal (65% Re-187), and thereby detecting with high resolution the thermal response of this composite system to beta electron interactions.
Future considerations will include high statistics spectral measurements, parallel detector development using Superconducting Tunnnel Junction sensors and an investigation into the reduction of radioactive background levels.

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