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Novel high tc superconductors and multilayer structures


The growth and characterisation of high-quality, well characterised multilayer and superlattice structures of HTSC sandwiched between normal metal or insulating layers, is of particular interest. Such superlattice structures can be grown with HTc layer thickness and separation as small as single unit cells. It is then possible to investigate the properties of very thin superconducting films only a few unit cells thick, and to investigate the coupling between such layers as a function of their separation. The transfer of charge onto such thin layers can change their Tcs and their ability to trap magnetic flux. Such effects can have a profound influence on the electrical transport properties, which can be directly related to flux pining. These measurements will be extended to thin films surrounded by epitaxial ferroelectric and magnetic films, where very little information exists in the literature. We expect that these structures to have potential applications for devices.


B15 2TT Birmingham
United Kingdom

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