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Nonlinear optics at high laser intensities - high order harmonics as a coherent radiation source in the xuv and soft x-ray regions


High-order harmonic generation, using high-power, short- pulse lasers, has been shown to be an efficient way to generate coherent radiation in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) and soft X-ray spectral domain. By using the Ti:S terawatt laser of the Lund Facility (150 mJ, 150 femtosec. at 794 nm) it is possible to go into more detail with characterization and optimization of harmonic generation.
At the same time, it is possible to investigate the use of this source to do high-intensity experiments (multi- photon physics) in the XUV. Properly refocusing harmonics, an intensity as high as 10x13 W/cm2 at 100 eV could be reached. This is a completely new domain of modern physics and a kind of experiments which can not be done with other conventional XUV-light sources (synchrotrons, undulators for instance) and represents one important objective of this research project.
In parallel to this, Ti:S laser performances can be upgraded to achieve the pulse peak power of 5 TW from the actual 1 TW and to improve the optical quality of the laser pulse spatial profile.


Lund University

221 00 Lund

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