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Study of improved models for describing the propagation of light waves in nonlinear inertial media


The project aims to give improved models for the study of optical pulse propagation in the strongly non linear regime with applications to optical fibers and bulk media. It is also intended to study the propagation of ultrashort and intense spatio-temporal pulses in a nonlinear media taking into account the rotational nature of light.
One of the parts of this project includes the development of two main numerical codes for the simulation of (a) the forward propagating rotational electromagnetic wave in the paraxial approximation (vectorial BPM) and (b) the time domain evolution of TE and TM modes using Maxwell equations and a single dynamic model for the inertial response at the medium. A systematic comparison of the new results from the known theory based on scalar models will be undertaking using analytical techniques, mainly variational methods.


Chalmers University of Technology AB
412 96 Göteborg

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