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Design and synthesis of high affinity carbohydrate ligands


This aim of this research programme is to design, synthesise and characterise saccharides which are conformationally constrained around their glycosidic linkages and which correspond to good binding or recognition conformational isomers. This type of saccharides has not yet been reported and it is to be expected that they will bind with high affinity to carbohydrate-binding proteins. The work will involve (i) the preparation of compounds (1-4) which may be regarded as derivatives of the trisaccharide, BETA-D-GlcNacp-(1-2)-ALPHA-D-Manp-(1-3)-D-Man, and are conformationally restricted around the glycosidic linkages, (ii) the determination of the three-dimensional structures of the synthetic oligosaccharides by NMR spectroscopy and (iii) the determination of the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters associated with lectin-saccharide complex formation. The work will establish whether conformational constraints are important in the design of putative high affinity carbohydrate based drugs.

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United Kingdom

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