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Morphology dynamics and propagation of extragalactic relativistic jets


Numerical simulations have become an important tool in understanding th morphology and dynamics of extragalactic jets. However, despite the evidence of relativistic bulk motions in these jets, simulations have traditionally been performed in the frame of classical fluid dynamics.
The project aims the study of several aspects of the morphological and dynamical properties of jets using relativistic hydrodynamical simulations. It is the natural sequel of my previous two-year training grant.
The study includes the last part of the analysis of a large sample of relativistic jet models with the objective of determining the dependence of the jet properties on the relevant initial parameters (particularly the internal beam Mach number and beam flow speed). The project also considers the performance of more realistic simulations in which the propagation of the jet through a decreasing atmosphere is followed along several decades of the beam radius.
Finally, and in combination with an accurate procedure for the integration of the transfer equations of the synchrotron radiation, I will continue the study of the emission from parsec-scale jets. The main goal is now to model the superluminal components observed in VLBI jets as the result of perturbations evolving along the jets.

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