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Time-resolved optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy of ii-vi and iii-v semiconductor heterostructures


Great interest exists in clarifying the optical properties of wide gap semiconductor heterostructures, arising from the possibility of obtaining laser diodes and other optoelectronic devices operating in the blue region of the spectrum. We will perform optical measurements in order to determine the intrinsic parameters (band offsets, ...) of ZnSe/(Zn,Mn)Se and ZnSe/(Zn,Cd)Se heterostructures. This will lead to an improvement of the heterostructures, the final scope being the achievement and evaluation of laser structures. Attention will also be paid to fundamental physical properties which can be of interest for device operation and improve the understanding of those structures.
Part of the activity will be devoted to investigation of the dynamical optical properties of single GaAs/(Ga,Al)As quantum boxes or wires and will take advantage of the availibility of a space and time-resolved experimental set-up ruling out all the difficulties arising from the size fluctuations usually encountered in OD or 1D systems.


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
24,Rue Lhomond
75005 Paris

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