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Experimental investigations and application of high-order harmonics generated by ultrashort laser pulses


High-order harmonics are generated when intense laser pulses are focuse in a pulsed gas jet. It has been found to be an efficient way to produce ultrashort pulses of intense, coherent radiation with a nearly constant intensity to wavelengths as short as 7 nm. A reasonably good understanding of the process has now been approached through both experiments and theoretical studies.
We are proposing to investigate the harmonic generation through the various experimental conditions achievable at the MBI. We will focus our attention on the measurement of high-harmonics pulse duration, which has not been measured yet in the femtosecond regime. Furthermore, we are planning to demonstrate that high enough intensities can be now achieved to observe non linear interaction in the XUV range. The two main objectives will be tackled through a two colour pump/probe ionization scheme combining high-order harmonics and time-of-flight electron spectroscopy technique.

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RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)
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