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Statistical mechanics of quenched disorder systems


The objectives of this project are to study the static and dynamic properties of models with quenched disorder: in particularly we plan to concentrate our attention on (I) finite dimensional spin glasses and (II) flux arrays in two dimensions with quenched disorder.
In (I) the goal is to establish the existence of a phase transition and to characterize the low temperature phase of real spin glasses. Moreover we would like to understand whether the system is described qualitatively by the mean field theory or by the droplet theory.
The model (II) is related with the behaviour of high-TC superconductors in a magnetic field and (by a duality transformation) to the properties of surfaces with a random substrate. We are interested in the study of the glassy phase, to describe its properties and to confront the results with the different analytical approaches.
The contents of the project are based on performing numerical studies and confronting the results with analytical predictions. We plan to use the APE supercomputer, which is particularly adapted to study disordered systems.


Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
Piazzale Aldo Moro 2/5
00185 Roma

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