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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Pectic enzymes and new applications in citrus fruits technology


The production of pectic enzymes for citrus fruits technology by culture of citrus pathogen micro-organisms using waste material from the citrus industry as growth substrate is proposed. Next to the production of enzymes attention will be dedicated to the enzymatic obtention of new derived products (citrus segments and juice vesicles) and the development of new processes (depectinisation of essential oil emulsions and ultrafiltration of citrus juices). The tasks to be made include the selection of micro-organisms which are good producers of pectic enzymes; the characterisation of waste material from the citrus industry adequate to be used as growth substrate; the culture of selected micro-organisms with adequate growth substrates for enzyme production; the recovery of the enzymes from the medium of culture and their conditioning into an stable preparation; the application of these enzymatic preparations to the depectinisation of essential oil emulsions from citrus; the use of the obtained enzymatic preparations for the obtention of peeled citrus fruit segments and juice vesicles; the application of pectic enzymes to the cross-flow filtration of citrus juices to obtain clarified juices; and the transfer of the obtained results to the Citrus fruit and canned industry of the Region of Murcia.

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