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Inmobilization of bacterial strains producing cis-diols from arene substrates


The aim of the present programme is to inmobilize by gel entrapment two mutant strains (Pseudomonas putida UV4 and Escherichia Coli KS11) that produce cis-dihydrodiol from several arenes.
The inmobilization will be done using different hardening agents. The effect of enviromental conditions: temperature, pH, oxygen availability, percentage of alginate in the beads and cells loan in the biocatalyst will be tested on such cells and small scale batch and flux reactors will be constructed to evaluate each condition.
Several mono and disubstituted arenes, polyarenes and aza-heterocycles will be used as susbtrates. In all cases, the kinetic equation of the process, optical purity of the end product and half life of the biocatalysts will also be tested.
This Project will have colaborations with Institute of Food Research Technology at Reading University and with Zeneca Bioproducts Business.

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