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Adrenoceptors subtypes expression from human normal and pathological aging


The present project is intended to analyse, by using autoradiographic and molecular biology procedures, the state of the expression of beta-adrenoreptor subtypes (beta1 and beta2) in the human brain, under both normal and pathological (Alzheimer's disease) aging. For such purposes, autopsies brain samples for a number of individuals without history of neuropsychiatric disease, and from a group of Alzheimer's disease brains will be used. Autoradiographic labelling will be carried out with (125I) cyanopindolol and molecular expression of the receptors will be performed by using the baculovirus expression system. We will be comparing the levels of expression and the autoradiographic densities of beta-adrenoceptors in several critical regions (cortex, hippocampus, striatum, midbrain) to clarify 1) whether there is a defined pattern of changes along the different decades of life; and 2) the type of modification of brain beta-adrenoceptors in Alzheimer's disease.

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Universidad de Cantabria
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