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Population ecology and behaviour of goshawks accipiter gentilis in relation to forestry practices and habitat change


Scandinavian goshawk populations have seriously declined this century, apparently as a consequence of changes in forestry practice altering their habitat, and the species is now classified as threatened. Despite being an important indicator species, basic data on critical areas in goshawk behaviour and life history, particularly the period between the first winter and establishment as a breeding adult, are completely lacking and are required before a conservation strategy can be developed. The proposed project is a part of an interdisciplinary research programme investigating forestry practice and its effects. Radio telemetry and ringing databases will be used to examine in detail behaviour, habitat use, and recruitment processes in goshawks. This information will provide vital basic data on the behaviour and population ecology of the species, identify critical habitat types, and, integrated with the wider programme, examine modifications to current forestry practices which would assist the conservation of this and other species.

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Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
7005 Trondheim

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