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Interlayer coupling on layered superconductors probed by transport measurements


We propose to develop methods to measure the decoupling transitions in layered superconductors with weak interlayer coupling of the Josephson type. Melting of the vortex lattice and interlayer coupling occur at different lines in the field-temperature plane of the high-TC materials. However the decoupling lines and their relation to the melting lines on the interlayer coupling strength have not yet been established. As model systems we will study artificial superconductor/insulator multilayers of NbGe/Ge and MoGe/Ge. These systems present the distinct advantage that the coupling strength can be easily tuned. To probe the decoupling transitions we want to measure the out-of-plane resistivity on samples structured into micron-scale pillars. We can also measure differences in vortex motion at the top and the bottom of non structured samples and compare these results with the previous ones.

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