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Electronic processes in collisions between laser cooled atoms


The object of this project is to develop a theoretical (quantum mechanical) description of collisions between excited atoms at cold and sub-thermal energies, e. g., collisions between exicted Na atoms at mK temperatures. Due to the low collision energy this method must treat the heavy nuclei motion quantum mechanically, and spin-orbit and spin-spin interactions in the collision complex must be taken into account along with the spontanous decay of the excited targets, which have lifetimes comparable to the collision time.
This work will be done in close collaboration with the experimental collision groups at U. Utrecht, which have considerable experience with collisions between excited atoms at thermal energies and most recently at sub-thermal energies. Collaboration with other experimental and theoretical groups in Europe is assured via Utrecht's participation in various HCM networks, where Utrecht is coordinator of the network entitled: Lasers, atoms and molecules: Dynamical interactions.


Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
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3584 CC Utrecht

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