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Molecular robots for catalytic processes


The aim of the proposal is to try and develop a new catalytic cycle for the asymmetric synthesis of epoxides and aziridines from electron deficient alkenes. This class of epoxides/aziridines is important because the products are versatile synthetic intermediates in the synthesis of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals and because of the growing demand to produce enantiomerically pure compounds. The key to our strategy involves designing a catalysts that acts as a molecular robot: one arm picks up the alkene and the other picks up the oxidant. Once both components are attached to the catalyst a pseudo intramolecular reaction occurs to give the epoxide/aziridine and decomplexation gives back the catalyst. As only one arm can pick up the alkene and only one can pick up the oxidant and because the reaction can only occur on the robot template, high enantioselectivity should result.

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Brook Hill
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