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Mechanistic investigation and application study of polymerizable surfactantsin emulsion polymerization at high solids contents


Objectives: 1) a study of the surfmers in realistic recipes with respect to final film properties and to the copolymerization mechanism. 2) a definition of surfmer characteristics, comonomer type and process strategy that lead to successful use of the surfmer. 3) a definition of some ideal surfmer structures for future research.
Content: The use of several anionic and nonionic surfners in semicontinuous emulsion polymerization with high solids content. By using several common main monomer combinations the versatility of the surfmers can be tested. The results will be combined with the results of some simple strategic reactions to elucidate the exact copolymerization mechanism and to define optimal surfmer structures.
Also the analysis of the exact location of the surfmer after reaction will be addressed, as this will have direct consequences for film properties.

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Universidad del País Vasco
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C/Barrio de Alza, s/n
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