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Electrochemical and optical properties of ordered polymer films consisting of end grafted rod like polymers on flat solid surfaces


Orientation of polymers on a substrate can lead to interesting applications in the field of non-linear optics and conducting or magnetic polymer films. By end-grafting a polymer with a stable secondary structure to a solid surface, a random orientation of the polymer chains is prevented and relaxation can not occur. These "polymer brushes" have received considerable theoretical attention over the years. Polypeptides, which are able to form stable Alpha-helices, are excellent polymers for this purpose. I propose to end-graft (co)polyglutamates to flat surfaces in order to obtain the ordered thin polymer films, in which the physical properties arise from the oriented main chains or from functional side chains like polypyrrole. I would like to investigate the ordering and orientation of grafted layers as a function of graft density. This can be done by several techniques available at the MPI/Polymerforschung, the proposed host institution.


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