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The role of art museums and art institutions in urban renewal in deprived city areas a cross European comparative analysis


The goal of this project is to continue my comparative, multinational a interdisciplinary study of the role performed in the European urbanisation by artists' dwellings, art museums and art institutions. I am now studying the waterfronts and warehouses' districts of declining port cities like Liverpool or Marseilles and the poorest inner-city areas of London. A return grant will allow me to analyse similar study-cases in Spain, like the waterfronts and port-warehouses of Bilbao and Valencia, and the inner-city of Madrid, in comparison with other European examples.
The project's contents will examine sectorial trends in urbanisation, economic change and the social and cultural consequences of the settling of artists and art-related institutions in deprived urban areas. It will present for the first time a pan-European dimension (including Spain) to the study of the role of initiatives in the European urban development.


Universidad de Zaragoza

50009 Zaragoza

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