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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Statistical tools for the comparison of analysis methods


The function of this project is to develop some of the method validation tools required for inductively coupled plasma (ICP) method.
The ICP is more and more used in practice for effectiveness, but also for economical reasons. But this new technique has not a protocol for the validation of its results. In addition, the existence of interferences is a problem that must be taking into account, because of the unacceptable errors that they produce in the analytical result. One possibility is their physical or chemical elimination, but this possibility is time (and money) consuming and not always possible. The existence of multivariate methods, which permits obtain the unbiased analyte concentration when both analyte and interferent are present is a way to eliminate this inconvenient. In this way, the H-Point Standard Addition Method, HPSAM, in which the applicant has experience (see curriculum), is a method that works well in spectrophotometry and spectrofluorimetry, in static and dynamics methods (kinetics and chromatographics). The implementation of the method for the more new technics, as ICP, could permit obtaining most precise results, improving the quality of the analytical results, and permits their comparison with the standard methods. This could be money saving for the industries that works with this instrumental technique. Protocols for apply the HPSAM, and the required software needed will be the objectives to obtain.

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