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Ethological and neurobiological apects of associative olfactory learning in moths


Insects are often imagined as totally dependent on innate behaviours. However learning capabiiity has been demonstrated in a number of insects. In the present application, I suggest to study learning processes in moths. Moths offers a very attractive model system for the study of associative learning, as several, behavioural relevant odours are known and the neural elements involved are very accesible for neurological studies. Both I and the group of my host research supervisor have shown in preliminary experiments that moths are indeed capable of learning to associate a flower odour with a food reward. Now I want to extend the behavioural studies and parallely I want to perform neurobiological investigations of neural elements involved in the formation of odour induced associative learning.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Lund University
223 62 Lund

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