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Vapour phase epitaxy and characterization of silicon carbide


Owing to excellent figures of merit, silicon carbide (SiC) has the potential to outperform silicon in many power applications. However, the quality of the material still needs to be improved.
This project focuses on material problems identified in promising preliminary studies on SiC growth carried out at the host institution. The goals of this project are to grow 100 um epilayers with high growth rate (100 um/hr), good morphology, low residual carrier concentration (10 14 cm-3) and 10 us carrier lifetime. The growth technique, derived from Chemical Vapour Deposition, can be described as High Temperature CVD, where temperature is raised high enough (18000C -23000C) to promote high growth rates while still maintaining crystalline quality.
Because a fast characterization feedback is important for improvement of material quality, our research will employ photoluminescence, X-ray diffraction, optical and Atomic force microscopy, as well as fabrication and characterization of pin microwave diodes.

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