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Analysis of the redfish populations in Northeast Atlantic - stock discrimination, reproduction and growth


The main objective is to improve the knowledge of the biology of redfish, one of the most important fisheries resources in the North Atlantic. There are three aspects on which I will work: stock discrimination, reproduction and growth.
Stock discrimination will be treated since two points of view: morphologically (morphometric and meristic) and genetically (protein and DNA analysis). To define the stock structure in the Norway area, and perhaps in all Northeast Atlantic, is the objective and also to learn to distinguish in the field the larvae of each species. With this information the assessment of the populations will be considerably improved. But the populations dynamic of the redfish and its analysis cannot made without a good age structure of the population, so the age determination is the next step in this project, to get a single criterium in the age reading to apply in all laboratories is neccesary.
Finally, the reproduction studies (reproductive cycle and fecundity) and how the environment can affect to this parameter is indispensable in population dynamic to predict the capacity of the spawning biomass. Histological analysis of the ovaries will be made.

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RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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