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Spectra and quantization procedures in theories of extended objects


The aim of this project if to clarify the gauge-dependence of the strin theory spectrum and study some physical aspects of two-dimensional QCD with adjoint matter.
The main part of the project will focus on physical properties of strin theory as well as of higher-dimensional extended-object theories, with emphasis on their gauge-covariant nature. A parallel aim is to analyze the spectrum of string theory in two dimensions and of W strings in relation to the quantization procedure used. In this context, the duality properties of these theories will be explored.
In a separate investigation, questions related to phase transitions and the existence of ZN domain walls in three-dimensional QCD will be analyzed. The model to be used is two-dimensional QCD with adjoint matter, since it corresponds to the high-temperature limit of pure three-dimensional QCD.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


University of Ioannina

45110 Ioannina

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