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Group 13 based ply-lewis acid ligands


The research project concerns the synthesis, characterization and use of molecules containing several group 13 Lewis acid centers (aluminum, gallium or indium) arranged in different molecular motifs (chains, tentacles, macrocycles). These molecular systems will be designed so that they are able to provide a chelate effect when complexed to a nucleophilic substance. Several possibilities with different degrees of complexity are envisaged. First of all, the synthesis of bifunctional systems (with two group 13 elements) will be investigated in the prospect of discovering valid bidentate ligands for nucleophiles. In a second step, it is proposed to prepare multidentate systems containing more than two group 13 centers. In that case, tentacular or macrocyclic motifs will be examined. The research proposal is also strongly committed to the development of meaningful applications. It is expected that these group 13 based poly-Lewis acid ligands will prove useful in the fields of catalysis, supramolecular self assembly, anion recognition and small molecule fixation and transport.


Technische Universität München
4,Lichtenbergstrasse 4
85748 München

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